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40% Off a 1 Year Subscription to the new SamCart Launch Plan

Normally $588/year (Today just $349)

SamCart Launch includes:

Create Unlimited Pages

Sell Unlimited Products

All Templates, Widgets & Collections

Sell 1-Time Purchases, Recurring Subscriptions, Payment Plans & Trials

Custom Domains

All Email & Membership Integrations

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Upload & Deliver Digital Files


Smart Pixel Tracking

Dashboard & Basic Reports

Unlimited Leads

Industry Leading Support

Plus, You Get $6,178 Worth Of Bonuses When You Sign Up!

The 1 Page Masterclass™

My simple product creation secrets that help me quickly create amazing products that people line up to buy

The 7 parts of the 1 Page Blueprint so your page is ready to convert at the highest levels

All of my traffic-generation secrets that I use to get over 20,000 visitors to my pages every single day

Over 30 videos, showing you how to build a profitable online business from complete scratch and get it to the 6 and 7 figure level in record time...

Cheat sheets, scripts & templates that will speed up the process of creating products, building your page, making ads and landing sales.

Normally $3,995.00 - Yours FREE!

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The 1 Page Blueprint™

I've summed up over 8 years and 30 million dollars worth of my own sales experience...and put it onto one single page so that anytime you want to launch a new product, you just pull out this simple 7-part script, and follow it word for word.

Normally $99.00 - Yours FREE!

The 1 Page Workshop™

I break down each of the 7 steps of my blueprint so you know exactly how to apply each one to YOUR product. Plus, you get to watch as I run through examples of actual customers who are using the Blueprint with mind-blowing results.

Normally $199.00 - Yours FREE!

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The 1 Page Launch™

Get my exact product launch campaign, plus all my templates and swipe files so that anytime you want to create a massive pay day, you can pull off your very own product launch using nothing but your one page.

Normally $499.00 - Yours FREE!

All Of My Past Reports!

Over the last 10 years, I’ve created dozens of reports in a bunch of different niches...and used them to make millions of dollars.

And my guess is, you would learn a ton by seeing all of those actual reports that I the pages that I created to sell them. So I’ve decided to release them all from the vault, and give you full access to all of them.

Normally $199.00 - Yours FREE!

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The 1 Page Template™

Listen, if you and I were to both launch an identical product to an identical audience, I would beat you by several times over...Why?

Because whenever I launch a new product or offer I NEVER start from scratch... I use this 1-Page template that has been tweaked, tested, and designed to convert at 40 to 50 times what the average website does as my starting point.

I simply update the text and images to fit my new product and I'm done.

I literally cannot go wrong, and now you can't either.

This proven template is yours as my gift when you take advantage of this offer today.

A $499.00 Value - Yours FREE!

1 Page Wednesday™ Coaching Calls

Watch me take a page that’s underperforming and tweak it so that it starts turning visitors into paying customers on autopilot.

Plus you’ll be able to submit your page if you want to get my advice on how to make it better.

There is literally no other way to get access to me personally, which is why these calls are invite-only...and aren't sold anywhere else.

Normally $1,997.00 - Yours FREE!

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In Case You're Wondering...

Am I locked into a subscription?

Absolutely not! You're never locked into any subscription or long-term contract with SamCart.


That's totally fine! We'll walk you through how to create your first product in a matter of days with just $100. Module #1 of the masterclass literally walks you through, step-by-step, how to pick the perfect niche, how to decide what to sell, and how to create that product super fast.

What types of products does this work for?

SamCart's pages support and work for any type of product you want to sell. You can sell digital products like ebooks and online courses, physical products like t-shirts or skateboards, and even services like custom web design or coaching. You can charge 1-time payments...recurring subscriptions...fixed payment trials...paid trials...and anything in between.

How long does this 40% discount last?

This discount is only valid for today. After that, you'll have to pay $588 per year for SamCart...and you won't get any of these bonuses. So act now!

Do I need any other tools?

The good news about this approach is that you only need a couple things. And I’m giving you all of those things, so don’t need anything else. There are always other tools that help as you grow...and I’ll show you my favorite tools for getting critical tasks done...but there is not going to be some other big investment needed to make this don’t worry!

Is there a payment plan?

No there is not a payment plan right now since it wouldn’t be fair to the other people paying for the price is already so low, at just $349. But if you want to break it up into payments, just use a credit card or use PayPal Credit on this page.

What happens my SamCart yearly subscription renews?

After your first year, if you want to keep using SamCart, you can continue using it and you will be grandfathered into this 40% discounted rate for as long as you’re a customer. You can always change to monthly billing, or upgrade to another plan if you’s totally up to you...since we never force you into long term contracts or commitments.

Will this work with my current website?

If you already have a website or blog, this is the perfect addition to that site. You can create your page with SamCart and link to it from your blog sidebar, or the navigation at the top of bottom of your site, or even from each individual blog that people can easily find your product and buy it. You can even make your page show up on the same URL so people don’t get confused.

Can I sell things other than digital products?

Totally. We have tens of thousands of business selling skateboards, custom web design, coaching programs, live events, tshirts, and the list goes on and on. SamCart supports absolutely any type of product, and the 1 Page Masterclass works no matter what you’re selling...I just highly recommend that you start with digital products if you’re not sure where to start...because that’s the easiest way to start making real money online...but in the end, it’s up to you.

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Results Guaranteed

If after you invest today and go through the training you don't believe you can launch your own profitable online business. Simply let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will return 100% of your investment.

This Special Offer Ends Soon!

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